daftar isi



Hai!!! welcome to my blog every one.. this is my first blog.I'm so happy have this blog.. maybe i'm just newbie,but i always try to make my blog as fun as possible and cute. Let me introduce my self!!!

     Name   : Ardiska Abzeni tia
     Call me : Tia

 Birth day  : 18 january 1992
  Born in   : Saturday
  Place      : Pontianak,Indonesia

          Gendre : I'm a girl with cute face(Lol!!!)
          Zodiac : Capricorn

   My best friends now : Eka,Yaya, and Janeth (always love u guys!!)
  Janeth birth day : 11 January
 Yaya birth day :  08 August
 Eka birth  day  : 27  March
Love : Ika krastanaya,Titan,Anisa,Siti,all my cute cousins,my family and YOU!

 Height      : 158 cm ( mini  ^__^ me..)  
 weigh        : 45 kg
  shoes size : 37
   dress size : small or medium
     Love       : Cardigan,my jeans,my height heels,my hijab

Fav. biscuit : Oreo,Tanggo,Richees,Good time,batter,hello panda
Fav.snacks :Chitato,taro,chitos,miegemesz,kripsi,lays,leo,piatos,twisko
Fav chocolate :Kit-kat,silverqueen,coki-coki,cadbury.

 Fav.candy: Lotte,Lolipop,sugus,gulas,mentos,milkita,kiss
  Fav.candy color : Blue,pink,white,yellow,green,brown,orange,violet
  I bought in : Supermarket,or candy store
       Love : listen music,read comic,novel,magazine,write,cute things,watch movie, 
my piano,my rabbit doll,my cute frame,my self,my make up tools,
milk  shake,pancake,lasgna,pizza,sushi,burger,spaghetti,pecel lele,bakso,
mie ayam,nasi goreng mama,coffe    
Okeeee....that's little things about me. If you want to ask just leave a comment.